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Welcome to Connect: Pembrokeshire

We are a digital platform bringing you local news, things to do, and the best of business in Pembrokeshire.

We have various sections around our website to help users find all things useful around our county.

Our News Section champions the very best talent around Pembrokeshire such as local sports achievers, charity work, and other positive good-news stories.

Our Businesses Section is an extensive database of the best businesses around, each with unique pages showcasing their products and services along with key contact information, testimonials, and other useful tidbits to help you explore what they have to offer.

These businesses are showcased around the site in various other sections, such as related content on articles, our Pembrokeshire Area pages, plus in our Interactive Business Map.

Our Business Map allows users to easily find businesses in their area, or an area they may be visiting! Clicking on a Business Icon brings up a snippet of information about the business with a link to explore them further. As well as this, our various listing pages allow users to filter by area, business category, and keywords to easily find what they're looking for.

Businesses can also showcase any Events that they are hosting, which will appear both in our Events Section and on their individual pages. Events pages share all the vital information you would expect such as time, place, location and once again our listing page allows users to filter based on areas and keywords making it so simple to find what you're looking for!

Every element on our site is geared towards making the user experience as seamless and intuitive as possible. We have put together a holistic customer experience connecting businesses across the county in exciting ways.

If you have any questions, or suggestions, or want to chat about anything else - get in touch with our team!

How can I get my business on board?

We're always excited to welcome new businesses on board, so if you want to showcase your business on our platform, we would love to hear from you!

Please get in touch with our sales team via one of the following channels, and we'll promptly be in touch to discuss the best deal possible to bring you on board:

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